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The internship aims at developing the student’s skills thanks to real work experience. 

Taking an internship is not a compulsory activity within MEDI course synopsis. However, it is possible to substitute an elective course of the II year (worth 6 credits) with an internship (worth 6 credits), or even to insert the internship in the study plan as an extranumerary activity, e.e. on top of the standard study plan, thus gaining extra credits. 

PLEASE NOTE: there is the possibility to have both elective courses of the II year (6 + 6 credits) replaced by a longer internship (12 credits) ONLY FOR Double Degree Students (incoming and outgoing) who have an internship of 12 credits in their Learning Agreement, as per the agreements between the 2 universities.

Description and requirements

Ideally a 6 ECTS internship should:

  • be selected in your study plan during the second year (replacing one of the two elective courses);
  • be worth at least 400 hours of work and lasting at least 3 months
  • be started and completed in the II semester of the II year;
  • be in line with MEDI contents (the tasks of the internship must be in line with what you are studying at MEDI).

PLEASE NOTE: as from 1st May 2024, in line with the standard internship & registration of UNIPV internships, 150 hours of work will appear in your transcript (elective activity) as associated to the 6 credits internship registration; the remaining number of working hours will  appear as extranumerary in the transcript

How to find an internship

  • MEDI Team will send internship offers/possibilities to your university email account whenever they are aware of them;
  • Check Almalaurea website and JOBTEASER
  • Get in contact with C.O.R. ( to check open opportunities;
  • Get in contact with AIESEC
  • EXPLOIT opportunities by taking part to MEDI special events;
  • FIND an internship opportunity yourself.

How to activate the internship

Please have a look at this PRESENTATION

Erasmus traineeship

Internship opportunities may also be found through the Erasmus Traineeship programme. Please note this programme can only be worth 6 credits. Check info at the following links:

Typically, two different “calls for admission” at Erasmus traineeship programme will be published throughout the academic year.

Further assistance in finding the right company for your internship is available at the following section:

Internships Report

Please view a report of MEFI/MEDI Students’ internships since 2017: Internships report