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Università degli Studi di Pavia

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Extensive information on staying and living in Pavia (accommodation solutions; costs of living; transport, ect…) is provided on the University of Pavia portal at this link:

Below a brief synopsis on key items of interest.

EDISU and Students Residences (‘Collegi’)

The deadline to apply for a place in one of the students’ residences managed by Edisu is usually the end of July. Information on how to apply is available in English on EDISU website at:

Please also check this link to apply directly for a room in a Collegio, should rooms still be available:

Other accommodation solutions

  • Renting a private flat

CENTRO ASSISTENZA STUDENTI provides assistance in looking for a private flat in Pavia.

See Centro Assistenza Studenti Pavia and their database of available flats

      Italian Language Courses

      The University of Pavia Language Centre offers an Italian course three times a year: in September, October and February. Italian courses range from levelA1 to level B2 (beginner to intermediate). Level C1 courses (advanced level) is activated if the required minimum number of participants is reached.

      In addition to the courses provided by the University Language Centre, other institutions in Pavia offerthe possibility to attend Italian courses, including evening classes. See this link for further info

      University Sports Centre

      CUS is the University sports centre and it carries out competitive activities both in the university circuit (participation in the University National Championships and in national and international activities) and in the circuit of the National Sports Federations in the following disciplines: Track, Canoeing, Rowing, Volleyball, Rugby, Fencing and Archery.

      It organizes introductory courses aimed at recreation in: Aerobics, Soccer, Canoeing, Rowing, Physical Conditioning, Modern Dance, Fitness Mix, Swimming, Volleyball, Basketball, Pre-skiing, Fencing, Step, Stretching, Archery, Judo and Tournaments in 7-man Men’s and Women’s Soccer, 5-man Men’s Soccer, Volleyball, Men’s and Women’s Beach Volley, Men’s and Women’s Basketball.

      For detailed information see


      Close to CUS is also CampusAquae: three indoor and two outdoor polls, a 800 mq fitness center, a very modern spa and a restaurant: this is CampusAquae, the new sport center at the University of Pavia.. Info and tickets on the website